The Mount Gambier Choral Society

Mount Gambier Choral Society underwrites Showcase. Part of the charter of the Choral Society is to foster singers of all ages to develop their skills and enjoyment of vocal and choral music and singing.

The Mount Gambier Choral Society

The Mount Gambier Choral Society was established in 1933, commencing with a membership of 42 members.

The aims and the objectives that were initially set down are still relevant today, namely:

"The objective of the Association shall be to further musical and dramatic arts and to assist the public and members of the Association in appreciation of the musical art."

Over the years, the Choral Society has performed many different types of entertainment for the residents of Mount Gambier and surrounding districts. These have included musicals (many of the Gilbert & Sullivan works), Soirees, Pleasant Sunday afternoon performances, large choirs renditions of the Messiah, and Musical Festivals.

The Choral Society has a large collection of sheet music - approximately 500 titles. The aim of the Society is built on this collection with modern music, thus giving a wide variety of choice of music to perform. It is felt that this collection would be among one of the largest collections in Australia, and through the Canberra Lending Music Scheme, music is hired to Choral Societies throughout Australia.

The Choral Society welcomes new members of all ages who enjoy singing in a choir. Rehearsals are held Tuesday at 7.15 pm in the East Wing at Wehl Street Theatre.

Mount Gambier Choral Society has been and still is, a dedicated group of people who provide musical entertainment, an opportunity for young and young at heart to further develop their talent for singing and fun to all who love singing.

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