Helen Schultz Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of the scholarship is to nurture and encourage young singers, to aspire for excellence and to further their musical education by seeking expertise in the vocal field to enhance future opportunities.

Conditions of Entry

You must read and understand the conditions of entry before submitting your entry form. To be eligible for the Helen Schultz Memorial Scholarship you must be:

  • A solo performer in the current Limestone Coast Choral and Vocal Showcase
  • Entered into a minimum of four contrasting sections of Showcase demonstrating an understanding of a range of musical styles
  • Aged between 16 and 25 years of age in accordance with the Limestone Coast Choral and Vocal Rules and Conditions of Entry.
  • Be a resident and reside in the Limestone Coast region or surrounds for not less than 2 years
  • Make a written application to the Scholarship Committee and undergo an Interview.

General Conditions:

  • The Committee reserve the right not to award the Helen Schultz Memorial Scholarship if, in the opinion of the Adjudicator of the Showcase, the standard of performance does not warrant such an award.
  • At all stages of the Scholarship and the Showcase, the decision of the adjudicator and the Committee is final.
  • No Adjudicator will judge the performance of any participant to whom he or she has given regular individual lessons during the preceding 12 months.
  • The Committee of the Showcase reserve the right to refuse entry to any applicant who may have or who may become involved in a conflict of interest.
  • Committee means and includes the Committee for the time being of the Showcase or any person authorised by the Committee to undertake, supervise or administer the Showcase, and where the context requires, includes the Adjudicator.
  • The Committee may modify or amend the Conditions of Entry from time to time as they consider necessary.
  • If you have previously won the Helen Schultz Memorial Scholarship, you may not apply.

The scholarship winner will receive a cheque for $1,000.

For further information regarding the scholarship please contact the Showcase Secretary. The official entry form and closing date along with interview details will be forwarded to you with the notification of your performance times if you are eligible to enter.

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Thank you to our major sponsors!

Helen Schultz

Helen Schultz was a well known and highly esteemed lady who resided in the town of Naracoorte in the Upper South East of South Australia. Helen was a very community minded person and was involved in a variety of organisations throughout the district.

When Helen was approached to be a member of the inaugural organising committee for the Limestone Coast Choral and Vocal Showcase in 2003, she jumped at the opportunity. Her extensive music knowledge and organising skills were invaluable particularly in those first few months.

Throughout her time as a committee member, Helen worked hard paying attention to detail to ensure that Showcase would be an event that would become well known and well supported; an event that would offer support and encouragement to singers from throughout the region and beyond.

Helen had a strong passion to foster youth particularly in the field of music and singing. Her boundless energy and the depth of dedication were limitless. Helen worked hard to gain sponsorship and support to ensure that Showcase would grow and continue to grow to become the richest choral and vocal event in Regional South Australia.

A very loyal person, Helen displayed many attributes, a leader, a visionary, a calming influence and a very down to earth person and straight to the point. She always looked on the bright side and continued to encourage all involved in Showcase to keep working particularly when the going got tough.

Showcase and Helen were synonymous. She was always there. She gave freely of herself and her time. Nothing was too much for her when it came to working with the Showcase Committee. In 2008 Helen finally accepted the position of President of the Committee. Sadly, her time in that position was very short lived. Helen passed away only three weeks after being elected.

Thanks to Helen's family and friends we are able to make the Helen Schultz Memorial Scholarship possible. Through this, we will always remember Helen, her beauty and her enthusiasm for Showcase.